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This offer entitles customers to 15% off the following lines:
Wall and Ceiling Silk, Wall and Ceiling Matt, Feature Walls Metallic, Feature Colours Matt and Washable Matt.
This offer is applicable to any colour in these ranges.

Fall in love with our Valentine's picks:

armchair and throw in living room setting birdseye view paint tin baby pink

15% off Rosebud

A beautiful and delicate light baby pink. This beautiful colour evokes the spirit of a blooming rosebud, with subtle undertones that convey grace and sophistication. Rosebud's delicate, rose tones make it an excellent choice for creating a peaceful and romantic environment in any space. Whether used to highlight details or as the main hue, this shade offers a touch of timeless elegance to your surroundings.

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birdseye view paint tin lilac purple

15% off Sweet Lavender

Sweet Lavender isn't just a color; it's an invitation to indulge in moments of peace and relaxation. Its clean and refreshing presence instantly transforms any space, infusing it with a subtle elegance that soothes the senses and uplifts the spirit.

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sofa cushions and throw in living room setting birdseye view paint tin bright red tone

15% off Rich Red

A rich and sumptuous hue of vivid carmine red. This deep red colour is suggestive of great red wines and the velvety petals of a budding rose. Rich Red, with its fascinating and royal presence, is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to make a bold statement in their interior design. This shade lends opulence and sophistication to any environment, resulting in a timeless and welcoming ambiance. Use this warm tone to add drama.

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birdseye view paint tin pinky tone

15% off Pink Starburst

A lovely and romantic hue of pink - the perfect Valentine's colour! This shade embodies the essence of love and sweetness. Pink Starbuest is a delicate and appealing pink with raspberry undertones to soften any atmosphere. This pink colour is ideal for producing a warm and inviting ambiance, making it a good choice for bedrooms, nurseries, or areas that require a sense of serenity.

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dining table with placesettings and pink wall backdrop birdseye view paint tin bubblegum pink

15% off Pink Cadillac

A light, delicate pink with bubble gum pink undertones. This colour emanates vitality and playfulness, evoking the famous picture of a fashionable pink Cadillac. Pink Cadillac's strong and joyful undertones make it a fantastic choice for people looking to add a feeling of excitement and personality to their room. This vibrant pink can be utilised as a main piece or as an accent, bringing a bit of retro charm and modern vibrancy to any space.

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birdseye view paint tin dusky red

15% off Dusky Berry

Dusky Berry is a deep, subdued, raspberry chocolate purple and the undertone is dusty rose. This paint colour is perfect for a warm dining room or soft wine tasting room. Whether it's your bedroom, where dreams are whispered in the night, or your intimate dining area, where laughter dances by candlelight, Dusky Berry adds a touch of romantic allure to every corner.

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